The Comic Shop Life: Day 3, Wednesday (New Comic Book Day! Extended Edition! And Flash Season Finale!)

(Hey look, Day 1.  Also, Day 2.  Which would make this—)

Day 3, Wednesday

(No, I don’t think you need to know every second of my every day.  But Wednesday is a good glimpse of how this two-job thing is a little nuts.  So you get the extended edition.)

3:30-  Woke up.  Regretted it.  This whole “work a mini-shift at my full-time job is not ideal”.  Oh well.

4:40-  Gave Mylar five minutes of scratching time.  (And yes, I named my cat after a hard plastic you keep comics in.  The next pet shall be named Poly.)

mylr11124:58-  Should be leaving for the bus right now.  A handful of blueberries jammed in my mouth counts as breakfast right?  Better than the four day-old doughnut I was planning to have?  Swell.

4:59-  Running for the 5:05 bus that will most likely be late but I’d really like to make it…

5:08-  Oh, hello bus.  Where ya been?  Ah well, you’re here.

5:37-  Sitting on the bus with my eyes closed.  Realize that the guy who became a box customer on Monday?  Yeah… I forgot to pull any comics off the shelf for him.  Sonofa…

5:50-  Fellow who was walking and picked a bag up inspires me to pick up garbage.

5:52-  This old sweet & sour sauce is not coming off my hands easily.  Gross.

5:55-  Garbage gone, but the stickiness lingers like the morning fog in London.  I lament my status.  But not really.

6:06-  At work.  Successful.

6:10-  Let’s get this whole work thing done, shall we?  I’ll just stay out of dress code for my three hour shift.  You’re okay with that, right?  Neat.

6:20-  Make it quite clear to my boss that I haven’t seen The Flash season finale yet, so she better watch herself.  She’s knows I’d lose my cool, so she acquiesces.

8:30-  I’m done with all my stuff.  Thirty minutes early.  Hrrm.  I’m gonna have to adopt dress code after all, aren’t I?  Ah well.

8:35-  Spend five minutes bending things back to shape.  No, really.

8:40-  Spend fifteen whole minutes dealing with customers.  Gads!

9-  Outta there.  Off to volunteer.  (And by “volunteer”, I mean watch a documentary for a non-profit and give an opinion.  My life is spiffy.)

9:20-  So… not so much a 9:00 movie then?

9:24-  Ah.  Got it.

10:00-  Movie over.  Time for another bus.  (Movie- great.  Trailer?  Sloooooow.)

10:05-  Wait for the Monorail.  Less traffic that way.

10:28-  Arrive in bus tunnel for 10:28 bus.  Three others are waiting for the same bus…

10:43-  which never arrives.  So 10:43 bus it is.  (Between this and the late starting movie, you can see why I always schedule in a safety net.)

11:25-  Walk with purpose from bus stop to comic shop.

11:47-  Arrive.  Time to take care of things.

11:48-  Nope, Walking Dead v. 22 was not new this week.  You’re wrong, Philip. Wrong!  Stop giving it to people who already have a copy!

11:50-  Pulled comics for new box.  Two were the last copies.  Victory!  He need never know.

Noon-  Store open!  Let in the throngs.  Let’s make it all Free Comic Book Day up in here!

11011030_873779482661236_7377488309077416506_n12:02-  Still no customers.  Well then I’ll just calm myself down.

12:30-  Dear word.  Archie vs. Predator is violent.  Poor Pops.

12:32-  And her too?!?!  Okay, too violent.  Their spinal cord?  Really?!?!  I’m out.

1:25-  Those “hey your comics are here” phone calls I loathe making on Thursdays?  Donesies!  Twenty-two hours early.  Woot.

1:30- I wonder if I can charge rent.  “If here over an hour, must buy at least one comic.  $3 minimum per hourly stay.”  I mean, that’s less than downtown parking.  Hmmm.

2:10- Archie vs. Punisher #2 and Mad Max- Fury Road #1 are both sold out.  Nerds like carnage.

2:20-  Okay dude.  Two hours.  I gotta pee at some point.

2:40-  He bought something!  Patience and endurance paid off.  Now if only there weren’t two other customers.

2:46-  Last guy is checked out!  I can…

2:46:15-  No… no.  He found another box.  Have.  To.  Pee.

2:49-  Another new customer.  Hrrm.

2:50-  And another.

2:51-  Freedom!  Lock the doors.  Escape.

3:04-  No new e-mail.  No new news.

3:06-  Boss texts me a pic from Florida beach.  Trying to make me jealous?  I don’t tan and I like mountains.  Jealousy- non-existent.

3:07-  Determine to make plans to go hiking in the woods.  -Soon-.

mtntrees3:15-  Hey, Lumosity.  How ’bout you just say I’m brilliant and we skip all these mind games?  No?  Fair ’nuff.  Had to ask.

3:27-  Five customers at once?  Madness.

3:23-  No ants so far today.  Did I win?

5:20-  A valuable lesson for us all:  Memorize your PINs.  Or else you’ll have to try again.  And again.

5:29-  A-Force #1.  Ehh.

6:30-  Oh Avengers.  I hope you get better after Secret Wars.  You really can’t get much worse.

6:58-  Last customer of the day is standing outside reading her comic.  She can’t wait to get home to enjoy the goods.  Aww.

7-  Shop closed!  Freedom!  Bus!  Walk a lot!

7:05-  Compared receipts from New Comic Day to previous days.  Gulped a little.  So that’s how the boss pays rent.  Hey, remember when people actually paid cash for things?  Now it’s credit cards or bust.  (Sometimes one causes the other.)

8:12-  Home again, home again.

8:13-  Feed Mylar again, swig down dinner.  (Cranberry juice not alcohol.  Or so I claim.)

8:14-  After a long hard day of being around comics I need to unwind.  How?  Why, the season finale of The Flash, naturally.

9-  Well, that was amazing.

9:10-  Text boss.  Answer her questions.

9:21-  There’s a plot hole I’m struggling to reconcile.  Brain is upset.  Starting to freak out.  There has to be a way around this.  There has to be!

9:50-  Eureka!

9:52-  Text boss on how plot hole really makes sense.  (See bottom of entry.)  Filled with inner sense of glee, delight, and purpose.  All is well in the world.

10-  Boss shows her enthusiasm for my nerdiness with a text message which appears in its entirety below:

“Go to sleep.”

10:02-  Undaunted by my boss’s unappreciative state, I smile happily.  Mylar’s fed, TV makes sense again, comics are out.  And so am I.


In 3…



Now I wanted to believe that by killing himself, Eddie created some sort of offshoot world where he and past Wells are dead, but present Wells lives.  But that makes no sense.  If Eddie isn’t around to have a kid, Wells doesn’t exist.  Period.  No matter how much you shape it, Wells disappeared.  That means, cue plot hole, none of S.T.A.R. Labs should have been there. 

Wells saved Barry, so he shouldn’t be there.  Wells created the accelerator, so it shouldn’t be there.  Wells hired Ronni, Caitlin, and Cisco; none of them should be there.  Without Wells, there is no Flash-team.

Bugged the crud outta me.  My solution?

The Speed Force saved Wells.

For one thing, comics never really kills anybody.  But, Flashes in particular have a long history of being sucked into The Speed Force.  (Which they happily established earlier in the season and even had Wells describe it.)

Once The Speed Force hooks up with you, it doesn’t let go.  Ask Max Mercury.  Ask Wally West.  Ask Johnny Quick.  You get linked, it sticks.

So, Wells has a hard time accessing The Speed Force.  But between the Time Sphere exploding, his recently using the yellow suit and Barry running around, I think he absorbed enough to connect with The Speed Force just long enough for it to claim him.  (Think Zod in the Donner Supermans.  Now replace The Phantom Zone with The Speed Force.)

Wells still exists in time, so all those S.T.A.R. people and Barry are left the same.  All thanks to The Speed Force.

Shoot, even Justice League Unlimited used it.  (In one of my favorite scenes too!)

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