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Broken Arrows Snapped All Over the Screen

I blame nostalgia. Nostalgia, and YouTube. I was watching the trailer for Speed. That movie still holds up. So it came as no surprise when YouTube suggested that I also watch the trailer for Broken Arrow. I had not seen … Continue reading

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A Burger For What Ails You

Yesterday I needed something.  I did not know what.  I just knew I needed something.  A break.  Encouragement.  A little variety.  I was discouraged.  I was tired.  And I wanted to go home to my couch and my cat.  I … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: What Do You Complain About Most?

I am not a huge fan of the music that is played at work.  I hold the opinion that workplaces should stay PG-13.  I agree that freedom of speech should be cherished.  But when you are at the jobsite, you … Continue reading

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The Most Terrible Vet Visit You Will Ever Be Told

Howdy, Brace yourself. This will be bad. Not end of the world bad, but you are about to get mad at me for sharing this. Okay, we have talked cats before and we shall talk cats again. Today is one … Continue reading

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Still A Sure Thing

I would not call myself actor. I will give a speech. I will get people’s attention. But I like backstage, lower-profile just fine. But “Sure Thing” is my favorite one-act play. Ives crafted a classic. I made the effort a … Continue reading

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He Was There With Bells On

In 1912, Seattle Times Publisher A.J. Blethen donated twelve bells to the University of Washington.  What was once a water tower became UW’s Blethen Chimes Tower.  The wooden tower was next to the Observatory near 45th Street and 17th Avenue.  … Continue reading

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A Tale That Wants to Be Uplifting

I have worked in an old building.  A building old enough to be an historic landmark.  And, with all things old, not every little cog and gear functions as it should.  I have been around that place plenty.  I know … Continue reading

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One Thing

Once upon a time, I did all that I could think of to make a relationship work. I reenacted a scene from “Love, Actually“. I e-mailed, called, texted, all of it. Eight years later, I stopped trying. And that is … Continue reading

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Stop Me When You’ve Heard This One…

I really thought I was done talking about movie trailers today. I dedicated two whole installments. Then I watched this. There is giving too much information. There is over-sharing. And then there is giving away the entire movie. Sigh. I … Continue reading

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Romantic Rundown (Part 2)

Okay. We went over the movies that are coming out. However, older movies are still completely allowable. In no particular order, movies that I think are top-notch Valentine’s viewing. “Man Up” Rated R I do not love R-rated movies. But … Continue reading

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