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When Life Forces a Reset

There are times when I cannot decide if I should say what is on my mind or not.  Then there are times when it is decided for me. The next movie coming to my theater is Creed III.  I appreciate … Continue reading

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When the Mean Streets Intersect with the Humane Avenues

In the sixth grade, I was nominated for a humanitarian award.  I was twelve at the time, so I could not have told you why, let alone what the dictionary’s definition of humanitarian was.  I was nominated for something.  Why … Continue reading

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The Truth Could Cost You

I have some moral tenets that I stick to.  I do my best not to lie.  I will talk around the truth.  I will hold information back.  But I think lying causes more trouble than honesty.  (Unless you are my … Continue reading

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Extra(-Colorful) Arches in My Run

I try to listen to my gut.  And on Wednesday of this week, my gut told me to go for a run.  Not an insane request, but I tend to keep my runs to Sunday.  Also, it wanted me to … Continue reading

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My Reason for the Season

It must be that time of year. The weekend after Thanksgiving, the Christmas music started. We have had our sales. And Seattle has had its first dusting of snow. It is time to think about how we greet others. I … Continue reading

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My Family’s Timely Demise

When I went to visit my family this spring, I came home with a new batch of stories.  My mom had taken some old letters, typed them up, and put all those stories in a binder.  I ran out of … Continue reading

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Caught in the Work Webb

Last week I spent two days learning from a rocket scientist.  He gave a talk on Friday about the James Webb Space Telescope and he had a tech rehearsal earlier that week. Run-throughs are nice because you get all the … Continue reading

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A Bird’s Eye View

Now that we have talked about how I spent my birthday, let us chat about how I wanted to spend it. I desired an escape.  I craved outdoor time.  I yearned to get away from it all.  What I really … Continue reading

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Heroes for Hire

Veteran’s Day, comic book movies; there have been plenty of occasions to talk about heroes lately.  As a nerd, I can list off a long list of superheroes.  I will always be more of a Captain America guy than an … Continue reading

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