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A Burger For What Ails You

Yesterday I needed something.  I did not know what.  I just knew I needed something.  A break.  Encouragement.  A little variety.  I was discouraged.  I was tired.  And I wanted to go home to my couch and my cat.  I … Continue reading

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The Most Terrible Vet Visit You Will Ever Be Told

Howdy, Brace yourself. This will be bad. Not end of the world bad, but you are about to get mad at me for sharing this. Okay, we have talked cats before and we shall talk cats again. Today is one … Continue reading

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Pavlov Works Both Ways

Darn it, Pavlov. At no point did you warn what would happen when the pets began to take your studies and turn them on us. You knew it was coming, right? Well, a heads’ up would have been nice. But … Continue reading

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I Hear Ya

People do not feel heard these days. They take to websites and post lengthy rants. They lament what others are doing, often in opposition to what they want. We have been sequestered away for a few years, afraid of each … Continue reading

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Get Rich Now!

I have been thinking about money lately.  A lot.  I know, I know. “Join the club!  It is called ‘everybody!’”  Sigh.  I do not know how much Social Security will be around by the time I get there.  And I … Continue reading

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A Name for the Ages

Mylar was my favorite cat. She was soft, cute, and only she hissed at me twice in the sixteen years I had her. So, being the loyal guy that I am, I use her name every time that I play … Continue reading

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My Reason for the Season

It must be that time of year. The weekend after Thanksgiving, the Christmas music started. We have had our sales. And Seattle has had its first dusting of snow. It is time to think about how we greet others. I … Continue reading

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Trying Out: Massage Parlor (Or, Getting Rubbed the Wrong Way)

I have this weird opinion that I should be able to turn my head roughly one hundred and eighty degrees.  I think that when I try to lift my left arm, it should not go numb.  I am against gigantic … Continue reading

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