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Going Down From Here

Facing facts is rarely enjoyable. I was warned this would occur. Really, I thought it would take longer. Seems these sorts of changes are not my decision. That is how life plays out, I suppose. Why? Why? I keep asking … Continue reading

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Trying Out:  New Adventures, Old Markers

I have been in this city for a fair number of decades, but I do not claim to have seen all the sights.  I had a few hours between work and visiting with a friend, so I set out to … Continue reading

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Extra(-Colorful) Arches in My Run

I try to listen to my gut.  And on Wednesday of this week, my gut told me to go for a run.  Not an insane request, but I tend to keep my runs to Sunday.  Also, it wanted me to … Continue reading

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Painting a Picture

If Albert Bierstadt were still alive, he would have plenty more to paint. Since I cannot paint, and he has been dead over a century, I can only make suggestions. See? Plenty of opportunities to revisit or add to his … Continue reading

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Caught in the Work Webb

Last week I spent two days learning from a rocket scientist.  He gave a talk on Friday about the James Webb Space Telescope and he had a tech rehearsal earlier that week. Run-throughs are nice because you get all the … Continue reading

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A Bird’s Eye View

Now that we have talked about how I spent my birthday, let us chat about how I wanted to spend it. I desired an escape.  I craved outdoor time.  I yearned to get away from it all.  What I really … Continue reading

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