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A Peaceful Victory Over Terror

I am no stranger to suspenseful times at work. They do not always end as I would like. -I showed up to my work site on 9/11.  They sent me home.  The fear was that a plane would be aimed at … Continue reading

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Murder She Did Not Write

According to my Goodreads account, I have read seven of Agatha Christie’s works.  One of them I would read again.  (I keep trying, but none of them are as gripping as And Then There Were None.)  However, there should still be … Continue reading

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Title Log Travelogue

I did not plan this. But I have a stack of DVDs waiting for me. And they are all about escaping to other places. Supposedly on vacation… until things go horribly awry. Bring on the Murder! Bring on the Death! … Continue reading

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The Many Steps to Healthier Living

I do not mean for this to be a rant.  Let us say that there are those with real medical concerns.  And if they go through what I have gone through?  Then that is stress that I would wish them … Continue reading

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Working at Playing

I had two projects today, in addition to my normal duties. First, I assembled a giant standee. Well, “giant” lacks accuracy. We are not talking YouTube-worthy. “Large enough to block off the office door and instill a sense of panic … Continue reading

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