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Fear of (Being In) The Dark

When I was a kid, I was afraid of thunderstorms.  I do not know that I was actually afraid of the storm itself.  I certainly feared that the power would go out.  How was little-me supposed to see if all … Continue reading

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Check Yourself (Out)

I feel that I do not get enough credit when grocery shopping. That? That my friends is a weight-sensitive surface. And, balanced rather skillfully on said surface? I am glad that you asked. It is a sickness I have. In … Continue reading

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What the?

Exactly. What the? Now, I am not a picky eater. I see a doughnut and odds are I will eat the doughnut. Simple. But… what the? It was a raspberry doughnut. Why the purple infestation? It is truly hard to … Continue reading

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Trying Out: Six Pack in 30 Days

Last year I tried Splits Training. It was fine. I learned a few new stretches. However, I began their plan believing that I would be able to do the splits in thirty days. Instead, it was a thirty-day program promising … Continue reading

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Going Down From Here

Facing facts is rarely enjoyable. I was warned this would occur. Really, I thought it would take longer. Seems these sorts of changes are not my decision. That is how life plays out, I suppose. Why? Why? I keep asking … Continue reading

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When Life Forces a Reset

There are times when I cannot decide if I should say what is on my mind or not.  Then there are times when it is decided for me. The next movie coming to my theater is Creed III.  I appreciate … Continue reading

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Showing Quirks

Here is my idea of a good time. Wake up at 4 in the morning. Get myself together. Feed the cat. Catch the 4:18 bus. Arrive at work at 5:40 in the morning. I was required to start work at … Continue reading

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Bumbling Through Dating Life

I have spent the last hour swiping through Bumble. Time to take a little break. I have been single for a bit. My coworker talked about how it was nice that the Bumble application has females reach out first. (Understandable, … Continue reading

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When the Mean Streets Intersect with the Humane Avenues

In the sixth grade, I was nominated for a humanitarian award.  I was twelve at the time, so I could not have told you why, let alone what the dictionary’s definition of humanitarian was.  I was nominated for something.  Why … Continue reading

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Trying Out:  New Adventures, Old Markers

I have been in this city for a fair number of decades, but I do not claim to have seen all the sights.  I had a few hours between work and visiting with a friend, so I set out to … Continue reading

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