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Check Yourself (Out)

I feel that I do not get enough credit when grocery shopping. That? That my friends is a weight-sensitive surface. And, balanced rather skillfully on said surface? I am glad that you asked. It is a sickness I have. In … Continue reading

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What the?

Exactly. What the? Now, I am not a picky eater. I see a doughnut and odds are I will eat the doughnut. Simple. But… what the? It was a raspberry doughnut. Why the purple infestation? It is truly hard to … Continue reading

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Trying Out: Six Pack in 30 Days

Last year I tried Splits Training. It was fine. I learned a few new stretches. However, I began their plan believing that I would be able to do the splits in thirty days. Instead, it was a thirty-day program promising … Continue reading

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Crackers Get The Bird?

My family is smart enough.  My brother’s first words, well, they were words.  Plural.  A string of noises.  Because why start off humbly?  My sister’s first word was, “Ma.”  (My sister does not show off much.) Then there was me.  … Continue reading

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