Welcome to the blog world of Philip Cosand

I am a writer with a novel under my book.  That novel right there!  You can snag your own copy over here.

You can also find my short stories at my other blog, Anecdotal Tales.

Honestly, I love stories in all their forms.  Golden Age of Radio, comics, podcasts, movies, books; anything goes.  Most of the stupid things I’ve done in life come from the hope that I’ll get a story out of it.

Also, this is a mixed-blog.  I know too much about mass media.  I’ve been a Quaker all my life.  I always have cat stories to share.  Some of all of that will find its way in here and there.

Read some opinions, share some feedback, and generally try to have a good time.  I’ll do my best to help along the way.

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