The Comic Shop Life: Day 2, Tuesday (More comics, Superman, and MacGyver)

(You can hop to Day 1 for the introduction.  For now, the saga continues.)

Day 2, Tuesday

10:20-  Made first successful bank deposit.  I’m not incompetent!  Yay!

10:50- Kendrick & Kate Spade have a video.  It might be amusing so I watch.

I don’t even know what a Kate Spade is.  Fashion, I guess.  Like David Spade?

11:15- Type up list of what came in (If you are a true nerd, you know what shipped before you even enter the sore.  Just sayin’.  But I can offer you a safety net.  It’s cool.)

11:40- Talk about Sex Criminals, Calvin & Hobbes, and Scott McCloud.

12:10- I just ate a sandwich an hour ago.  Am I allowed to be hungry again?  No?  Well okay then.

1- Supplies guy called.  I looked around the store and guessed.  Tomorrow he’ll show up with supplies and a bill.  Here’s hoping I didn’t accidentally order Anthrax or something that turns puppies into cacti.

1:10- No, it doesn’t really matter if your receipts go in the bag or not.  World hunger.   Slavery.  Focus on that.  Not this.

1:22- E-mail check!

1:25- Yep.  I -can- hear your mp3 blaring from across the store.  Glad to know you haven’t blown your ear-bud speakers. Yet.

1:26- Need more of The Sculptor, less internet.

1:27- After a massacre of at least a dozen infiltrators, I’m officially declaring it.  We got ants-man.  (See what I did there?)

1:30- I hear a noise in the back alley.  Could it be…

1:31-  It is!  The UPS man is here!  Comics!  Squeal!

1:33-  So many wonderful boxes of shiny new comics!

1:35-  Cute female enters the store.  Asks where our Superman comics are.

1:37-  Superman gal asks if I have read any of the comics.  I must choose wisely.  On the one hand I’ve read almost every Superman comic since ’94.  He’s great.  And she is pleasant and cute and such.  On the other hand… New comics!  All mine!

1:37:30-  Customer service wins out.  Opinions are given, options are offered.

1:40-  She walks out with All-Star Superman, one of those sure-bet comics.  Back to the back room and the table of treasures!

05191514282:00-  The urge to start singing hits me.  “Look at this stuff.  Isn’t it neat!  Working with all this is just such a treat!  Admit it, you think I’m a nerd.  A nerd who has… everything.  I’ve got DC and Marvel a’plenty.  I’ve got Star Wars and Batman galore.  You want some Deadpool?  We got twenty.  And it’s great!  Near mint too!  In this stooooooore.”

For the sake of humanity (even with an empty store), I resist.  (Pack rat, collector; Ariel knows it’s the same thing.)

2:10-  Qwest/ Verizon/ Whatever makes their weekly phone call to update my listing.  Guy can’t hear me, I can’t hear him; I hang up.  Simplicity rules the day.

2:11-  You really need 11th Doctor and 10th Doctor Who comics to come out the same day?  Honestly?  Time travelers have no sense of timing.

2:58-  Are you an odd family?  Yep.  Are you saying things that I wouldn’t necessarily state in a comic shop?  Uh huh.  But you’re excited to get comics.  And you’re happy to read the comics you’re getting.  That’s all I ask; you’re good.

4:30-  All the comics are accounted for!  Except, y’know, the ones they didn’t send.  (Shrug)

4:35-  Box customers get theirs first.  File!

4:57-  I was hungry four hours ago and I should have eaten then.  Silly fool.  Comics come before food.  Go go go.

5-  Okay, they aren’t technically signed up.  But I got extras.  And nobody says they have to buy it…

5:01-  Yeah, screw it.  They’re getting extra comics.  My attempt at “suggested selling”.  That, and there just isn’t room on the shelf.

5:03-  Dear Convergence.  Please end.  Now.  I wanted to like you.  But just cease your prattling.  Please.

6:10-  Filing, done!

6:20-  E-mail the distributor.  Report the comics and Game of Thrones figure that were lost/damaged/displeased me.  Maybe we’ll get money back.  Money we’ll get replacements.  Who knows?

6:22-  My boss is a little too aware of my sarcastic writing style.  I follow her e-mail template to the letter.

6:55-  Hey kids, time for fun with sticker gun.  Scarecrow figure- stickered!  Game of Thrones figures- stickered!  Batwoman statue- stickered.  Take that and that and that!

7-  Store is closed.  New product can go out.

7:30-  Seriously?  I didn’t make a space for Battleworlds or Planet Hulk?  Oh for the love of MacGyver…  Rearranging time.  Trying to get all this stuff to fit neatly on the shelf is like an advanced course in guerrilla engineering.

7:47-  Done!  Store is ready for New Comic Book Day.  Yay!  I haven’t eaten since 11.  A few sausage biscuits for the road, methinks.

8- Stopped by the library on the way home to snag more comics.  Why?  Uh, I really like comics.  Haven’t you picked up on that yet?

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