The Comic Shop Life: Day 1, Monday

Whenever I tell people that I work in a comic shop, they tend to respond the same way. 

“Oh how fun!”  “Neat.”  “Hard work, ey?”

Now technically I only work there one day a week.  Once in a while I will chip in a few extra days.  However, this time both my boss and coworker are out of the state and/or country.  So, presented here for your amusement, is the unfiltered life of one guy running a comic shop.


Day 1, Monday

(Warning:  Some spoilers for Arrow’s season finale.  But I aim to be vague.)

10:35- Got to work early and made the mistake of watching Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood video.  Oy.

10:40- Decided to help my brain recuperate by watching Last Week Tonight discuss chickens.  Heh.  Armadillos.

11:10- A guy bought Watchmen(Shrug)  A classic, but not for me.

11:30-12- Reordered copies of Saga, JSA, and Y: Last Man.

Noon- A guy came to check fire extinguisher.  He didn’t do anything, but that sucker is officially checked.  Wahoo.

12:06- I checked my e-mail again.

12:07- I checked comic/ movie websites again.

12:09- I ate lunch while watching Arrow (which included a TV commercial for my other job on Hulu.  Grr.)

12:13- Wasn’t Diggle told at the beginning of the season that he was done fighting on the streets?  That lasted… what, an episode maybe?

12:26- There’s no way Hulu accesses my Google search history to target ads for me.  Type two diabetes?  Aflac?  Disneyland?  Uh… no, nope, and no thanks.

12:31- Wait, her shirt had no back the whole time?  Well okay then.

12:40- What?  A fight in daylight?  Arrow has scenes in the sun?!?!?!

12:41- I still don’t understand how someone who maintains a full time job as a prosecutor and has been fighting for maybe 6 months can take on 4 assassins that live and breathe this stuff 24/7/365 for most of their adult lives.

12:45- Two customers!  At once!  Must pause Arrow.

12:55- One was a box customer and now so is the other.  We’re winning!

12:58- Why did the spouse have to kill the other?  Why should I care?  Oh Arrow

1:05- Customer #5.  Score another win for those Star Wars comics

1:06- I am -so- owning this whole “reorder comics through our distributor’s website” thing

1:20- How is this episode still playing?  We get it; you’re playing both sides. We understand.  Just stop.  Roll credits!

1:24- You killed a kid on broadcast TV.  How special of you. :\

1:28- Phew.  Only one more episode left.  Time to read an actual comic!

1:29- Oh, hello Injustice Year Four #1.  Entertain me.

1:33- Uh, why is Diana’s entrance into this comic framed on her butt cheek?  Oddly focused panel much?

1:43- Why give Batman a beard?  Wouldn’t that rub against his cowl, making a little non-stealthy noise?  Criminals can heard face-scruff, y’know.

1:44- Well Howdy, All You Need is Kill.  Time to finish reading you.

2:09- Ahhh, another “I spent too much on eBay story”.  We get a million of ’em.  😉

2:44- Back to Arrow again.  Last one…

2:45- Yay!  Flash!  There’s hope after all!  This may not suck!

2:47- Oh.  He’s gone.  Poop.

2:48- Who’m I supposed to root for here?  The babykiller, the spouse killer, or the vigilante who admits to being killer?

2:49- Y’know, if it was Liam Neeson as Ra’s, he would have won this fight by now.

Just sayin’.

2:50- We take this commercial break to remind you that if you go to CWTV you can watch their stuff a week earlier than Hulu.  And less ads too!  …sometimes.

2:51- Paper Towns TV trailer, where they only advertise the first 40 pages of the book.  Kids are gonna be sad when that movie comes out.

2:52- LOST flashbacks were so much better than these…

2:53- Time for Oliver to torture someone.  Hrmph.

2:56- What is it with Oliver Queen and planes? (Green Arrow #101, for example.)

2:59- If the Dove commercial is to be believed, women let random people videotape them showering.  Creeeeeeepy.

3:00- Adams and O’Neil.  Yeah, I see what you did there.

3:06- “Must be May?”  Ha!  Oh Finale humor.

3:08- The poison gives a radiation that can be tracked by satellite?  Ugh.  This show…

3:14- Um, Speedy?  Yeah, your boyfriend’s jacket wasn’t so tight when he wore it.  What’d ya do?

3:16- Yes citizens!  Go!  Run!  Spread that plague in a frenzied panic!  Good call!  Do that!  Don’t create a quarantine or anything, just rush to all your loved ones and breathe on ’em!

3:20- Five bucks says Ra’s goes over the railing and into the “waterfall”

3:26- Called it.  But with a little surprise.

3:26- Saw that coming too, but shouldn’t it take longer to learn how to use that tech?
I mean, it supposedly took the inventor months.  Right?  Not 3 minutes?

3:27- How does drumming your fingers on the desk that hold a tablet show that the tablet is spiffy?  You aren’t even touching the screen or the keyboard?  Weird ad.

3:29- You’re congratulating him on returning to his murderous ways?  Hrrm.

3:32- Again, you said you’d quit!  Wife and kid!  And you’re just now talking about concealing your identity?  Three years later?  Idiot.

3:38- 3 Ra’s in one episode.  None of them Liam Neeson.  Sigh.

3:44- Enough hate-watching.  Back to comics.

4:35- Checked All You Need is Kill off my list.  All done.  Not quite the movie, but the source material is just fine.

5- Found out Anna Kendrick was on Late Late singing riff-offs.

5:10-…which naturally led to re-watching the Lip Synch Battle.  Again.

5:20- Grabbed The Sculptor to free me of internet-dom

5:40- Took the show outside; courtesy of a tall chair and pleasant weather

7- Time to go home!

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He's a simple enough fellow. He likes movies, comics, radio shows from the 40's, and books. He likes to write and wishes his cat wouldn't shed on his laptop.
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