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Check Yourself (Out)

I feel that I do not get enough credit when grocery shopping. That? That my friends is a weight-sensitive surface. And, balanced rather skillfully on said surface? I am glad that you asked. It is a sickness I have. In … Continue reading

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What the?

Exactly. What the? Now, I am not a picky eater. I see a doughnut and odds are I will eat the doughnut. Simple. But… what the? It was a raspberry doughnut. Why the purple infestation? It is truly hard to … Continue reading

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Going Down From Here

Facing facts is rarely enjoyable. I was warned this would occur. Really, I thought it would take longer. Seems these sorts of changes are not my decision. That is how life plays out, I suppose. Why? Why? I keep asking … Continue reading

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When an 8 Is Really a 10.

This. This is my kind of humor. The tucked-in face. The constant checking-the-perimeter. The little touches here and there. Then, when the tables are turned? The power-exchange? Aaaahh. Delightful. Here is proof that I am not too old for Sesame … Continue reading

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Showing Quirks

Here is my idea of a good time. Wake up at 4 in the morning. Get myself together. Feed the cat. Catch the 4:18 bus. Arrive at work at 5:40 in the morning. I was required to start work at … Continue reading

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Bumbling Through Dating Life

I have spent the last hour swiping through Bumble. Time to take a little break. I have been single for a bit. My coworker talked about how it was nice that the Bumble application has females reach out first. (Understandable, … Continue reading

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They Were Wrong: The Key to Success

These are the keys that I have to work with. The keys that, in theory, would solve all the problems that need solving. Hoorah! This is my keychain that I absconded from lost and found many years ago. It has … Continue reading

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Great Pun-ishment

I once wrote about the puns that my favorite delivery driver and I engaged in.  Then I told you of a veterinary visit. Now, since absolutely nobody asked for more, I decided to get ahead of the crowd.  I’m a … Continue reading

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The Most Terrible Vet Visit You Will Ever Be Told

Howdy, Brace yourself. This will be bad. Not end of the world bad, but you are about to get mad at me for sharing this. Okay, we have talked cats before and we shall talk cats again. Today is one … Continue reading

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Still A Sure Thing

I would not call myself actor. I will give a speech. I will get people’s attention. But I like backstage, lower-profile just fine. But “Sure Thing” is my favorite one-act play. Ives crafted a classic. I made the effort a … Continue reading

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