Trying Out: Catching Up (Weeks 29, 30, and 32)

I know it is time to catch up.  And not every event deserves its own entry.  Thus, we shall attack the last month or so on three fronts.

Actively Listening (Week Twenty-Nine)

I tend to socialize as little as possible on Sundays.  There may be a person or two I want to hear more from, and I care about folks, but Sunday is my day to recharge.  This week though, I made the effort.  I was at church early enough that I was able to catch up with two gals.  One spoke of her ailment, how it brought her closer to her family, and how she was able to keep a joyful spirit about her.  Another informed me of her past as a gymnast, how it had done a number on her, and how things were going with her parents.

After church, I drove out to my brother’s to deliver a comic book.  And the family invited me in.  And I declined.  And then they insisted.  So I joined in, watched videos that my nieces had created and took in a slideshow of the recent trek out into the wilderness.

My default is to run back home and couch-out.  A little human contact now and then, especially with those I care about, is good for me.

Volunteering (Week Thirty)

I can be a rather lazy volunteer.  One organization that I help with asks that I contribute thirty hours a year.  I barely do ten.  So, for their annual fundraiser, I stood around for a whopping four hours.  I helped set up portable sinks.  (Those pumps inside that power the water flow?  Yeah, sometimes they do not work.  Silly health code; why cannot we have stagnant water?)  I walked vendors back and forth so they would not get lost on the six-acre complex.  In short, I fulfilled a small quota of what I was normally too lazy to do.

Long walk/ Netflix (Week Thirty-Two)

Everyone is on Netflix.  Everyone.  Except me.  The library DVDs tend to work well enough for me.  (Hint:  If you lick a DVD and then dry it off, you can make almost any smudged disc perform.  Gross, but true.  However if someone cracks the dang thing; well, then you are stuck.)

That week I was also donating platelets for the second time.  (Success!  No constant sinus pressure!  No headache!  Yay!)  And this time I used the iPad that they offered me.  Good thing too, since I was in that chair for about two hours.

And on that iPad?  Netflix.  (Shrugs)  It was fine.  Much like Amazon Prime, I think you could spend a lot of time watching things that you do not really care about.  Having the option to stream a multitude of choices is simply too great a temptation for me.  I could sit there watching random videos until my eyeballs fall out.  But for this small usage,  I only watched one episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  Now I can say I have used Netflix.  No mailing red envelopes though.  Sigh.

Also, the next day I took a long walk.  If I walk to work and home, it is a total of eleven miles.  I used to do this every week.  That was years ago when my knees were younger.  Buses have gotten me complacent.

I felt it was time to log some miles.  So, in temperatures that were hovering around the mid-eighties, and with my body flirting with dehydration thanks to the previous day’s blood-letting, I made the excursion.  I was thoroughly pooped and just this side of dizzy when I arrived home, but I did, as many ads suggest I do, beat the heat.


“But wait!  What about week thirty-one?  Or did you forget how to count?”

I promise, thirty-one deserves its own entry.  Thirty-one was the oddest, craziest, (dumbest?) thing I will probably do this year.  So hang in there.

About Cosand

He's a simple enough fellow. He likes movies, comics, radio shows from the 40's, and books. He likes to write and wishes his cat wouldn't shed on his laptop.
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