Hamilton: Rhyme and Reasons

Alexander_Hamilton_portrait_by_John_Trumbull_1806Well now I’m just like everyone
Having finally seen Hamilton.
So pardon my discussing a show
That all of you saw five years ago.

They could have done with looser stitches;
In the men’s overly tight britches.
The ladies, patriots, and snitches;
Many had some powerful “itches”.

Hormones ruled people colonial?
Even in dress ceremonial?
Talking eyes, things matrimonial
Their guilt forces testimonial.

In a new nation of lots of men
Founders had lots of ink in their pen.
This patriot was drawn into sin.
We all make a mistake now and then.

He could have been kinder to his spouse
He was writing away in The House.
He cheated, for that he was a louse.
Let us move on, I don’t want to grouse

The characters include Hamilton.
And there’s wacky Thomas Jefferson.
Let’s always look to George Washington,
It’s roll-call at the Smithsonian.

You’d think his allies were in cahoots
With how fast they turned their heels and boots
They smiled and preened in their polite suits
Then demand a duel where each side shoots.

800px-Duel_between_Aaron_Burr_and_Alexander_HamiltonThe musical had laughs and some woe.
As for its pace, it was never slow.
An entertaining, engaging show
I can see why all cry out, “Bravo!”

My response when the event was done
Was being reminded of the fun;
Rhyming everything under the sun.
You simply can’t cease once you’ve begun.

The activity is quite sublime
And I engage in it all the time
Though others look at me like I’m slime
When I get caught indulging in rhyme.

People hear me talk, that’s when they know
My mind is odd, like Garry Trudeau.
Or perhaps I’m being Jacques Cousteau.
I see words up top, then dive below.

I won’t claim some rhyming mastery
As I compare stanza A to B.
It’s merely a fun activity
dictionary-definition-closeup-92653817Towards which I have some proclivity.
Why don’t all enjoy this revelry?
Why do some hear verse with misery?
I’m no poet, nor lay claim to be,
But playing with words fills me with glee.
As my work friends walk away from me.
They say my mind has gone out to sea.
(I try to ignore their jealousy.)
Why not flip through a dictionary?
Playing with words is a great hobby
That I picked up from my ancestry.

As Hamilton shows, learn from the past
Do it now, please do it rather fast.
Learn from the dancing, talented cast;
The lessons the nation learned should last.

As for me? What shall I take away?
What moral should I do what they say?
Whether writing for country or play
Do what you love, it’s the only way.

About Cosand

He's a simple enough fellow. He likes movies, comics, radio shows from the 40's, and books. He likes to write and wishes his cat wouldn't shed on his laptop.
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