I Hear Ya

People do not feel heard these days. They take to websites and post lengthy rants. They lament what others are doing, often in opposition to what they want. We have been sequestered away for a few years, afraid of each other, and generally on edge for far too long.

From where I am sitting, people just want to be heard. They want to express their views and have them respectfully received.

When church services or business meetings are held virtually, the awkwardness of the situation tends to push friendliness aside. The temptation is to start, get out, and hang up as soon as possible. Less casual conversations, more expediency.

As a result, people feel depressed. Anxiety certainly does not help matters. And after those years of closing ourselves off to feel safe, it is hard to remember how we reach out and connect with others.

That is one reason why I am trying to post more. I constantly have jokes, thoughts, and reviews cluttering up my brain. If I can say them once, to one person, then I can detach from it. That notion is in the world, I let it breathe, and if it needs to take on a life of its own, then it will.

For example: Why do some people take so long in the bathroom?

They stall.

See? Clearly the world needs to hear that pun. I used to post that sort of thing to social media. I do not actually enjoy social media. I get too caught up in likes and replies and then the political posts and angry tirades come out and…

Again, I understand. People have concerns. I respect the right to others’ opinions. But I do not need to spend hours each day catching up on every activity of every person I have known. (That goes extra if I have not talked to them in decades.)

So I return to this humble blog of mine. I chat about Bierstadt. I post cat pictures. And maybe, just maybe, I share a goofy image that I created in Paint.

Not my cat. However, it is my brand of humor.

All that to say that I am trying to be on here more. I am trying to create and have fun and let my brain empty itself of the wackiness. Because the wackiness wants out. It wants to play. Who I am to stop it?

Just, be gentle. Some of these posts are going to be from my tablet. And the WordPress application and I are still having “getting to know you” fights. “Let me tweak the images!” “No, not that way!” Also, at some point I really need to hunker down and get my second book together. And my third. Sigh.

I do not cherish Facebook. I am not enough of a photographer or a hunky model to need Instagram. I have no desire to hop on any more sites. (I have yet to Tik, let alone Tok.) I simply want to have an outlet so that I can feel heard. Just like everybody else.

(P.S. Anyone else find it humorous that, “I heard that.” can take two entirely different meanings? If one emphasizes the “heard,” then it probably means, “Amen!” Or, if the “that” is stressed, it is likely a threat called out from the next room. I prefer the latter, if only because it provides more potential for humor and antics.)

About Cosand

He's a simple enough fellow. He likes movies, comics, radio shows from the 40's, and books. He likes to write and wishes his cat wouldn't shed on his laptop.
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