Trying Out: Calling Reps (Week 40)

Trying Out: Calling Senator and Representative (Week 40)

(Yes, I am a little out of order.  We will get to 37-39.  But I am being topical today.)

I do not like guns.  I do not like violence.  So, I did the only thing I could think of and called up my senator and my representative.

gun-pistol-clipart(You can do the same if you like.  You can find your senator here and there is a click-down menu of states on the site.  For the House of Representatives, click here and enter your address.)

Both times a staff person answered the phone.  Both times I mumbled out a phrase.  It went something like,

“Hi, I am calling as a constituent.  I would like to encourage your boss to vote against guns and repeal the Dickey Act and generally make it harder for us to kill each other.”

I was not at my most eloquent.  I did not feel very effective.  The House of Representatives took my name.  The Senate did not even do that much.  Both assistants assured me that they would pass along my message.

It was my first time calling an elected representative.  If I felt doing this small act would make any difference, I would do it again.

In all honesty, I do not.  I feel like nothing was really accomplished.  I spoke my peace to my officials.  I had my say just like anyone else can.

Yet, the death toll keeps rising.  Grrr.

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