Spoiler Sport (The Flash, Captain America- Civil War, Captain America #1)

I will admit to being a little behind on my Monday nerd-fixes.  Part of it is that I like to wait for people to have a shot at actually watching things.  (Yeah, I want to discuss the death of Han Solo, but not the day after.  Certainly not the day before the movie comes out.  Slow down!)  What with Thursday’s entry being oh-so serious, I am going to return to Nerdvana.  Naturally, spoilers abound.

The Flash finale

Barry kind ticked me off this season.  He started out the season all mopey and depressed.  And it seems like he ended the season all mopey and depressed.  I get why; I simply do not want him to slip into Arrow-territory.

Yes, I understand why they killed off that character.  As soon as they said, “I’m sticking around”, I suspected they would have to off them.  They simply do not have the budget to pay for that person to be a character in every episode.  And honestly, Team Flash (I kind hate that name) has plenty of people telling Flash what to do.  You know it is a “big decision” episode when every character has to give their opinion.  Barry’s dad.  Harrison Wells.  Iris.  Joe.  Everybody has their acting moment where they give their perspective/ tell Barry what to do.  It has almost become formulaic.  One less person doing that is fine by me.  But I liked the scenes with that character, darnit!  I got all weepy.  Sigh.  (Also, that final scene with them was a nice touch, but it really looked like they couldn’t move in the costume.  At all.  “Sure I can run and save people, I just can’t.  Move.  My.  –nnh-.  Arms.)

On the one hand you have me irked because they created yet another death in his world to give him motivation.  Sigh.  Barry isn’t motivated by death, he’s motivated by hope!  But I digress.  Then they had him risk another paradox.  Again.  Even though they repeatedly warn people not to create paradoxes.  It has a nasty habit of creating black holes and ripping breaches in the fabric of reality.  Knock it off!  All so you can save a person that you learned you shouldn’t save.  Even though that action living might just negate a Flash existing at all.  So frustrating.  C’mon Barry, you died to save the Anti-Monitor!  Ignore the CW influence and stick to your roots.

The most fun he had all season was not even on his own show!  But Supergirl’s writers got me mad too.  You do not have villains in a team-up that can be defeated by a garden sprinkler.  (You should have seen me rage when Atom and Flash teamed up against… BEES!?!?!?  Seriously.  Bees?)  Also, when the two bad guys posed a threat with their combined powers, what did the heroes do?  Heroes, who are both equipped with superspeed, that choose to come at these folks scaring civilians and wrecking things?  They approach them from the front.  And taunt them.  No kids, you rush in, bind them, and then taunt them.  However, all that silly pathetic-villain stuff was mostly washed out by Supergirl and Flash having fun.  Racing.  Getting ice cream.  Hugging.  Superheroes hugging!  That pretty much made my day.  And it was sunny outside!  In a field!  No skyscrapers or towers of rubble!

Ahem.  Sorry.  I got a little carried away there.  Happy Flash is great.  Serious/ depressing heroes drive me nuts.  The end.  (No Preacher here kids.  If I was not about to watch Deadpool or Netflix’s Daredevil, there is no way I am watching Preacher.)

Captain America- Civil War

Ahhhhhh.  Maybe my favorite Marvel movie so far.  I will watch it repeatedly to make sure.  It already holds up to repeat viewings better than the Avengers movies and has more going for it than either of Cap’s predecessors.  The helicopter!  The staircase!  Black Panther!  That lab experiment that I did not see coming but most certainly did not split Ant-Man in two.  So much geeky fun.  And it actually matters to the rest of the movies!  It has lasting effects.  Yay.

The only part that I did not like was the plot focused on heroes fighting heroes.  Urgh.  Heroes should fight villains.  Natural disasters.  Maybe traffic congestion.  Heroes fighting heroes is just drama for the sake of drama and added property damage.  However, the airport fight was ridiculous amounts of fun.  Character moments and combination-attacks all over the place.  I squealed with delight far too much.  However I did have to turn off the part of my brain that protested, “Why don’t you fight villains with that much zeal?”

And I was biased.  I will always be Team Cap.  Mostly because Tony Stark is a complete and utter tool.  Does he make the world better?  Sure.  Is he doing it for the right reasons?  I do not think so.  Tony does what is best for Tony.  Cap is willing it sacrifice; Tony gets petulant.

“If you can compromise, do.  If you can’t, don’t.”  Emily VanCamp should have had a much larger role in the movie, but I was quite happy with what they gave her to do.  Some things you do not much on.  And yes, you will have to face repercussions for the sides you take.  Maybe you have to go to jail.  But if you utterly believe that you are right, then you stand up and say so.  Stand your ground, darn it.

A friend commented that that sort of attitude promoted a, “I can do whatever I want” attitude in real life.  I responded, “Well, I don’t live in the real world.”  She agreed.

Captain America- Steve Rogers #1

Finally, “Nazi Cap”?  Nope.  I do not care what Captain America #1’s last panel wants you to believe.  Shoot, you do not even have to me a Nazi to join Hydra.  It simply is not so.  Cap as a Nazi?  Nope.  ‘tis a ploy.  Calm down.  Wait for issue #2.  And stop sending death threats to comic writers and editors.  Sheesh.  Like their job was not stressful enough.

Okay, I think my nerdity has been recharged once more.  Spoilers were distributed, comics were discussed.  What better way to spend a holiday.


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