One Last Screening of Holiday Delights

I know what you’re thinking (he said in the non-creepy way).

“Oh no! There are only three days left in 2015 and I feel that I am still somewhat lacking in holiday mirth! And yet, I’m tired of all the crowds; I would like to just stay home. What’s a person to do?”

Climb down off the wreaths and please don’t hang yourself by the mistletoe. We have this situation well under control. Presented, for your assistance:

4 Easily Accessible Media Selections to Complete Your Holiday Cheer (In no real order)

It’s a Wonderful Life

An obvious selection, granted. That doesn’t keep it from being a true delight. The film that made almost no money at the box office continues to delight at home. Besides, now that NBC has the sole airing rights, you don’t randomly come across it as much when flipping channels. Gone are the times of it airing up to five times in one week! Learn that you can make a difference, that greedy investor-tycoons will get their comeuppance, and that there is a reason why Sesame Street named their buddy two-some after a taxi driver and a police officer. (If you watch the colorized version, you’re dead to me. Leave now.)

Community’s Glee-esque Christmas episode

Now, I tend not to be a laugh-out-loud-er. It kills my veneer of stoic and unemotional tendencies. This show always threatened to crack that façade; never more than with this episode. I laughed at the Jehovah’s Witness Rap. But I about died watching the Baby Boomer Santa sketch. (Results may vary depending on the individual.) There is one scene that is downright creepy, but I believe it is meant to be? Still, if the disco ball and goofy wigs don’t leave you filled with mirth, then perhaps more eggnog is in order.

-A Christmas Carol (Zemekis/ Disney)

Do I think CGI humans are disturbing? Yes I do. That just goes to show how much I like this version. For one thing, Zemekis was smart enough to keep most of Dickens’ dialog intact. The portrayal of death is actually scary, like it was supposed to be. And c’mon, it has Gary Oldman. Appropriately dark settings, an adherence to the original language, and a nice end-credits song make for an excellent viewing.

Pinky and the Brain Christmas Special

My personal favorite on the list. I feel that all should embrace the family-nature and quirky stylings of this work of perfection. But some folks don’t get it. (Shrug) I like Pinky and the Brain, sure. However it was never as spot-on fantastic as this one episode. You can spoil it for yourself and watch the heart of it play out, or you can enjoy the whole thing. Amusing plot, glowing-eye gifts, and Pinky’s wackiness are on full display. The sniffling tears that are brought on at the end only serve to create my favorite holiday television moment.

Agree or disagree, you should still take it easy and enjoy the hot chocolate. (Unless you live on the East Coast, and it is still 68 degrees outside. What have you people wrought upon this earth? Sheesh?)

Happy Holiday viewing. J

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He's a simple enough fellow. He likes movies, comics, radio shows from the 40's, and books. He likes to write and wishes his cat wouldn't shed on his laptop.
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