The Comic Shop Life: Day 8, Wednesday (New Comic Book Day #2, J.J. Abrams, & Soup)

Catch up on the phases of me descending into madness:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, sub-7, and of course, 7.

Day 8, Wednesday

11- windows windexed.  And I loathe windexing.  (“Streak-free”.  P’shh.  Right.)

11:05-  Watched a Katherine McPhee music video.  C’mon, she once had a video with Zachary Levi!  This one?  Nope.  Not even worth linking to.  Eye roll-inducing.

11:45-  I like J. J. AbramsLOST is unparalled.  Fringe is incredibly and criminally underrated.  Alias, Alcatraz, Regarding Henry.  Shoot, even Felicity was quite solid for what it was.   So yes, I’m okay with the stupid-fun Armageddon.   But it still deserves to be teased.  🙂

12:00-  Someone was waiting at the door.  True nerd.

12:30-  Uh, there’s a comic missing from my box.  “Really?  Uh….”  (Five minutes of searching later)  “Oh, there it is.  In the misc pile!”  I had some mild panic with that one.  I knew I’d seen it and you don’t want to tick off the rabid fans.

12:37-  Fight Club 2 is the new Mad Max: Fury Road.  Trend/Tweet/Hashtag/Other-Cool-Media-Thingies-I-Don’t-Understand.

1:02-  I still don’t understand a group of four people when only one buys comics.  But if people are curious, why not.  (Shrug)

1:04-  Aaaah.  My only complaint with Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (besides the unseemly length of title) is that the episodes feel too short.  And that’s hardly a complaint, is it? 1:06-  Been open an hour.  Already busier than the last two days combined.  Ya can’t beat New Comic Book Day.

2:24-  I keep pretending I don’t like soup.  I’ve had this soup at work for a week.  I’m just now eating it and guess what?  I like soup.  I know I like soup.  Why the denial?  What’s the issue?  Fool.

4:26-  It’s quiet.  Dare I say… too quiet?  (Of course it is something like seventy-seven degrees outside.  We’re not used to that sort of thing in Washington.  That could be a factor; just maybe.)

4:59-  Why do I always pause videos when a customer comes in?  I’ll eat when people are in the store.  I’ll read comics.  I’ll check e-mail.  But something about watching videos seems rude or intrusive.  Not a bad thing, but certainly a “weirdo” thing.  Plus, then I have this static image staring at me; mocking me.  Like a pixilated gargoyle.  Unless I’m watching a paused clip from Gargoyles; then all bets are off.

(Just the first season.  Not the creepy, romance-across-two-species ones.)

5:10-   Man on two crutches trying to navigate door, store, and shelves on all levels.  Didn’t look like much fun.  And who wants to navigate a door and crutches and car keys all without trying to drop a bag of comics?

5:15-  Ah, the after-work rush.  There it is.

5:43-  Convergence– over.  Done.  Not my problem anymore.  The quality I thought it would be?  Well, yeah.  But I was hoping for more.  till, after I haphazardly flip through the rest of the mini-series, I’m –done-.

6:24-  “I’m kind of new to this.  Any recommendations?”  Oh you poor soul.  You don’t know the can of trouble you’ve opened up.  I’m never gonna stop talking now.

6:30-  Lesson I’ve learned:  After you spend fifteen minutes prattling on about books you think someone should read?  Write ’em down!  Then they can research the titles when they’re not overwhelmed by my complete nerdiness and choose for themselves.

6:50-  Catch up on internet trailers.

6:58-  Regular customer hurries in.  He knows we close at seven.  He knows he’s pushing it.  But he’s brief.  There’s still hope for me making my bus.

7:05-  Get a call that a guy who came in earlier got double charged.  And I need to call the boss on this one.  Something to figure out tomorrow (with much appreciation to understanding customer).

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