The Comic Shop Life: Day 7, Tuesday (New Comic Day Returns, Kids, and Car Talk)

For your convenience, parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and not quite-7.

Tuesday, Day 7

10:30- “Prepped” for work by scrollin’ ’round YouTube.  Oh, Rock, what zany, mirthful thing will you do next?

11:20-  SlashFilm was nice enough to point me to a Tomorrowland backstory.  I could not share it.  However it is animated by Pixar and narrated by The Brain.  Therefore, it must be shared.  “Ye-uss!”- The Brain

11:25-  Checked e-mail again.  Y’know, because half an hour had passed since last time.  :\

11:30-  Hopped onto distributor’s website and looked at new #1’s to make room for.  (Rule of comics; you must always make room for the hot new title while still having room for the cool, still-going titles and all their back issues.  That is why sell outs are not the worst thing in the world.)

noon-  For example, say you have two new Secret Wars titles coming out this week.  And the only free spots, over in the “L” section.  Granted, they are four shelves away and there are forty comics in between.  But guess what? Ya need the space.  It isn’t hard, but you’re gonna have to slide each title over one spot.

12:05-  Keep goin’.  You’ll make it!

12:07-  Woman buys some Spidey comics for a 3 year-old’s graduation.  A:  Five years ago they didn’t have comics for that age.  Progress!  B:  Um… we’re celebrating graduation from pre-pre-school?  (Maybe pre-pre-pre-school?)  Mr. Incredible was right.

12:13-  Then she came back for a sticker.  “He says, ‘I want sticker’.”  ???  She bought you a comic, ya little ingrate!  Harumph.  Comics are more fun than stickers!  They’re like an hundred stickers in one!  Just stapled together!  Three year-olds, man.  They just don’t know.

12:18-  This is a comic that exists?  Well I know what I’m reading until new comics get here.

(While we’re on the topic, this is also an amusing read.  Not stupendous, but chuckle-enducing.

12:35-  Comics are here!  All else must wait.

2:50-  Comics all counted.  E-mail was sent saying how I demand the damaged comics be replaced.  Except, y’know, all polite-like.

2:51-  Watched in mild terror as father encouraged his toddler to WALK ON THE ROOF OF THEIR CAR.  Sigh.

3:00-  Another… “odd” customer.  Lots of talking to herself.  But she likes comics, so why worry ’bout the small stuff?

3:12-  Lesson learned from last week.  Time for a lunch break, darnit.

3:15-  Salad & Car Talk.  Deal.  (There are worst lunch dates to go on.  Trust me.  I’ve been on them.  The horrrrorrrr.

3:39-  Distributing comics to Click and Clack?  Sounds fine by me.

6-  Comics are distributed to box customers.  The public/ shelf copies will have to wait until after we close.  (Why am I saying “we”?  She is sitting in a plane somewhere.  She is not here.  I am not “royal”.  Oh common phrases, you trip my logic censor once again.)

6:00:01-  That is, except for the “What the sam hill are these?  Who ordered this?  WHAT?!?!” pile.  I’m allowed that pile.  The boss said so.

6:10-  The “items of things that came in this week” is all typed up!  Granted, the font slipped so it’s about a third of a page (i.e., noticeably) bigger than usual.  (shrug)  We’ll call it my “special signature”.

6:21-  Sticker time!  Take that, Darth Vader!  Take that Deadpool!  Hey Harley!  Hey Ivy!  Take that and that!  P-chew!  You are all stuck now!

6:37-  20 minutes until I can do anymore.  Let’s recheck the internet, shall we?  (A Point Break remake trailer?  I feel like I can’t take that seriously.)

6:49-  Wait.  Did Avengers 2 really come out less than 4 weeks ago?  What the….  Apparently time has lost all meaning to me.  Weird.

7-  Store closed!  Go go go!

7:25-  And, inevitably, there are some #1s I did not factor in.  More rearranging…  It’s a game, really.  Replace the comics with bricks and you too can play along.

7:37-  Freedom!  And if a few new comics happen to tag along with me… well.  😉

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He's a simple enough fellow. He likes movies, comics, radio shows from the 40's, and books. He likes to write and wishes his cat wouldn't shed on his laptop.
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