The Comic Shop Life: Day 5, Friday

(Parts 1, 2, 3, & 4)

Day 5, Friday

(Mild spoilers for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Quite minor.)

Last night- made a vow to do something a bit more productive than pacing the store

11:04-  Sitting.  Sitting is good.

11:25-  A day behind on reading comics?  No!  Must remedy.

11:34-  Person #834.4 asks if we buy old comics.

1:42-  Discussing the validity of an Archie/Sharknado comic book.  We’re gettin’ all deep here, folks.

2:46-  Ever bagged and boarded while watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?  Only then will you be a true comic shop nerd.

2:50-  Thought I’d try to get the mail.

2:53-  A handful of keys and a few minutes later, realize I have no idea what I’m doing.

2:54-  At some point fear that I look like I’m trying to break into the mailbox and steal stuff sets in.  Having no desire to be arrested for committing a federal crime, I yield to the confusion and go back inside.

3:24-  Customer comes in carrying a brown bag.  Gives it to me for free.  “I was going to give it to the boss, but she ain’t here.”

We have a long discussion.  “Man, you got me back into comics.  Got me hooked on that Invincible and Ultimate Spider-Man.  That was, what, two years ago?”

So yes, that was probably the highlight of my week.  (At least as far as customer interactions go.  I still really like a table full of virgin-comic-goodness.)  To know that I made a solid recommendation?  That I read their tastes well enough to get them hooked?  And that they are still hooked two years later?  That delights me.

There are some great writers out there.  There are some superb comics to be had.  I’m just trying to point people in what I think is the right direction.  And to know that I succeed, at least part of the time, in helping people find a hobby they enjoy?

And when ya get started on comics, ya talk about other topics too.  Like if your kids like comics.  The tattoos you have.  Health problems.  I believe us comic book folk like a good story, and we like to share ’em too.  A quality half hour, to be sure.

4:06-  Ya gotta figure that gal gets tired of all those spine-covered make-up sessions.

5:23-  Don’t tell me they’re finally revealing he’s Mr. Hyde?  I’ve been waiting months.  Sheesh, slowpokes.

5:55-  Restocking TPBs for the first time!  I would have put War of the Green Lanterns- Aftermath with Green Lantern and not waaaaaay over here in the W’s.  But not my store.  Besides, I already rebelled by putting Blackest Night with the Green Lantern section and not near Batman.  😉

5:58-  He had a rack of rockets.  Hyde was on a rampage.  I thought they were gonna go all Green Goblin on him.  Show’s what I know.

5:59-  Yes self-cloner, nod confidently to yourself.  That’s not pompous at all.  :\  “I agree with myself!”  “I approve of my achievements.”  Bully for you.

6:55-  Making a grocery shopping list online in a comic shop.  …the internet has made my life a Kafka novel.

7-  Closed.  It’s been a week and I still haven’t bought any comics.  16 year-old Philip would be shocked.  (Also, poor.)

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