Monday Media Mirth (Christmas Comes Early)


Okay, I rebel against the whole Black Friday thing.  I am trying not to buy anything until at least tomorrow.  (My fruit reserves are low, but I can make it.  I hope.  Scurvy cannot be all that bad, right?)

However, not that Thanksgiving is over?  You know, since the date actually has a December in front of it?  Well I think we can start celebrating Christmas now.  (As opposed to those television ads for Best Buy that started before Halloween.  Oy.)

So I will start off with this video that I have held off on.  It is one of my favorites, but it feels wrong to promote it before the holidays are in full swing.

Ah, hilarious.  The word play.  The casting herself as writer and director and both sides.  It makes me laugh everytime.

Peanuts - pe_c121225.tif

What is better than Peanuts?  Nuthin’.  I mean honestly.  I am a sucker for that hand under the chin gesture that means the characters are deep in thought.

Things I am not a huge fan of: Brett Ratner. Nicolas Cage. Tea Leoni. Small children. New York living. And yet? This movie is probably the best modern-Capra flicks you can find. It does not hurt that it features Don Cheadle in one of his first big roles. I did not want to like this movie, but the trailer wins you over. Try it and you might just get a little weepy. Darn you, Cage!

Before there was ever a Leno, a Letterman, or a Conan, there was Fred Allen.  His main competition (and the source of much heckling fired back and forth across the airwaves), was Jack Benny.  And when they appeared on each others’ shows, it was always a treat.

One last note about what to want for Christmas and I will leave you be.

A note of caution: We can never achieve goals that envy sets for us. Looking at your friends and wishing you had what they had is a waste of precious energy. Because we are all unique, what makes another happy may do the opposite for you. That’s why advice is nice but often disappointing when heeded.” -Marcus Buckingham

Happy Monday.  Play nice.

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He's a simple enough fellow. He likes movies, comics, radio shows from the 40's, and books. He likes to write and wishes his cat wouldn't shed on his laptop.
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