Who I Am- Quiz Time (Blogging 101)


I’m Philip and I write opinions over here and short stories over at AnecdotalTales.

You want to know about me?  Fine, but let’s make this simple, shall we?

Quiz format!

That way, if you want to chime in with stuff about yourself, you can answer whatever you like in the comments.  Or you can just steal all the questions and put them on your own blog.  (Just give me a heads up so I can check it out!)  Whatever makes ya happy.

Besides, interaction is more fun than, “This is me.  Me me me.  Blargh!”

Intro Quiz… of Fury!

  • List three videos that you think make the internet better:

(LOST.  Greatest.  Show.  EVER.  End of discussion.)

  • According to the 10,000 hours rule, what are you an expert at?

Comics.  I’ve been going to the same comic shop for 20 years (and 6 days!) and I know far too much about comics.  (See also, Golden Age or Radio, movies, and jogging)

  • Favorite form of exercise.  Go!

Jogging.  Followed closely by hiking and giving the remote control-thumb a good workout.

  • List an important thing about you that you wish more people knew.

I’m a 9th generation Quaker.  And I like it.

  • List an unimportant thing about you that no one really needs to know.

I can play two kazoos at once.  With my nose.

  • Name three childhood influences.

Animaniacs, Calvin & Hobbes, and Roald Dahl

  • Why the sam hill are you taking this course?

The layout on my blog is “eh”.  Don’t get me wrong, the background is just fine.  But it doesn’t “pop”.  And I need to write more.

  • Last book you read?

Jaws.  Only saw the movie once, but from what I remember the book spends a lot time giving insights and motivation to the townspeople.

  • Parting thoughts?

I like technology.  I’m a nerd.  But the simple life is for me.  Give me a good book (comic or novel) over a fancy vacation or a sports car any day.

Simple!  Done!  Go eat breakfast.  Or not.  Your call.  (Shrugs)

About Cosand

He's a simple enough fellow. He likes movies, comics, radio shows from the 40's, and books. He likes to write and wishes his cat wouldn't shed on his laptop.
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