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Stop Me When You’ve Heard This One…

I really thought I was done talking about movie trailers today. I dedicated two whole installments. Then I watched this. There is giving too much information. There is over-sharing. And then there is giving away the entire movie. Sigh. I … Continue reading

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You Wouldn’t Like Them When They’re Angry

I do not yell much myself.  I figure there are plenty of loud people in the world already.  Also, I like to think that I can control my crazier, rant-inclined self.  (Whether or not I actually do is debatable.  But … Continue reading

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How to Use a VCR

(I once had a coworker who did not know what a cassette tape was. So, once in a while, I feel the need to educate the whippersnappers out there about old-timey technology.) Since Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is coming out … Continue reading

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Putting on My Summer Tank(a)-top (Weekly Writing Challenge)

Challenge?  Accepted. ———- Holiday weekend? I groan at the thought of it. Tourists everywhere. Massive throngs all demanding Adults losing their children. I remain stoic “Sorry, that will end today.” “Yes, that is sold out.” They need their outings perfect. … Continue reading

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