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Daily Prompt: What Do You Complain About Most?

I am not a huge fan of the music that is played at work.  I hold the opinion that workplaces should stay PG-13.  I agree that freedom of speech should be cherished.  But when you are at the jobsite, you … Continue reading

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Electing to Help

Note: I had originally posted this to my story-site, Anecdotal Tales, in error back in November. Now realizing that, I am moving it over to Horribly Awry where it belongs. ********** My landlord and I have a curious relationship.  It … Continue reading

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Trying Out: Acupuncture (Week 25)

Trying Out: Getting Poked by Dozens of Tiny Needles (Week Twenty-Five) I was raised in a rather meat and potatoes world.  You want to be healthy?  Go for a run.  Want muscles?  Do push-ups and sit-ups.  Brush your teeth.  That … Continue reading

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Why I Stopped Working Three Jobs

The whole thing started out innocently enough.  In high school I went to the comic shop I had been frequenting for a few years and asked about working a few hours.  (When given the school assignment of job-shadowing, I asked … Continue reading

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