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Fear of (Being In) The Dark

When I was a kid, I was afraid of thunderstorms.  I do not know that I was actually afraid of the storm itself.  I certainly feared that the power would go out.  How was little-me supposed to see if all … Continue reading

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Caught in the Work Webb

Last week I spent two days learning from a rocket scientist.  He gave a talk on Friday about the James Webb Space Telescope and he had a tech rehearsal earlier that week. Run-throughs are nice because you get all the … Continue reading

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Blame the Antarcticans

You all have been picking on the wrong people. We have made our way through the list.  We have been against women getting the vote, against communists, against black people getting fair treatment, against LGBQT+ folks, and we locked up … Continue reading

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Our Best Shot

I have faith that I will be taken care of. There are plenty of things that we put our faith in.  Key right now should be science.  Study a bug, research it, try to conquer it.  And science has been … Continue reading

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First Thing’s First…

Howdy, Since this is my first entry here, (Hi!  Thanks for reading!  Nice shirt.) I shall start with a question I think about way too much.  This will give you an idea of what to expect.  But not really.  Ready? … Continue reading

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