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A Burger For What Ails You

Yesterday I needed something.  I did not know what.  I just knew I needed something.  A break.  Encouragement.  A little variety.  I was discouraged.  I was tired.  And I wanted to go home to my couch and my cat.  I … Continue reading

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You are Where You Eat

I am hardly a foodie.  I eat to survive.  I tend to shirk the luxurious choices of dining establishments. I have gone with a coworker to eat in a pho restaurant so small that each table could hear all the … Continue reading

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Serving with Extra Spice

“When life gets a little too crazy; when the special orders come fast and furious, how do you keep from losing your mind?” Why, I am glad you asked. Allow me to present: Ways of Surviving Life in Food Service … Continue reading

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