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I Grow on You. Eventually.

Howdy, I finally found a way to describe my appeal. My gradual charm. My, “No, I’m not a first-impressions kinda guy” style. Observe! Ta-da! And now you know.

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It Runs in the Family

When it comes to families, I was dealt a pretty solid hand.  I feel like my roots are rather terrific. To begin with a quirk, there are suggestions that we might have been related to Catherine Howard.  I have no … Continue reading

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Virgin Territory

Today we are venturing outside of the rather PG-terrain that I like to stick to.  Nothing too untoward, but this is your heads’ up. I tossed in a few video links here and there to keep it enticing. (Not that … Continue reading

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Over-Obsessing is not Overly Endearing

Shall we talk a little Amazing Spider-Man?  First off, just skip it (both of them).  Go and watch the Sam Raimi ones and you will be a happier person.  I mean, the very idea that Gwen can break Spidey’s webbing … Continue reading

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