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Bumbling Through Dating Life

I have spent the last hour swiping through Bumble. Time to take a little break. I have been single for a bit. My coworker talked about how it was nice that the Bumble application has females reach out first. (Understandable, … Continue reading

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One Thing

Once upon a time, I did all that I could think of to make a relationship work. I reenacted a scene from “Love, Actually“. I e-mailed, called, texted, all of it. Eight years later, I stopped trying. And that is … Continue reading

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A Fund Farewell

Oh, so that’s it? All that time and we’re done, huh? I mean, I get it. I didn’t think I had much of a shot with you back in the summer of 2020. But hey, a guy can dream. It … Continue reading

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Singling Out the Benefits of a Bachelor

As popular media and my circle of friends would have one believe, I should be married, or at least attached by mid-thirties. Well, I ain’t. Oh, sure there are reasons. I am a little quirky and a little picky and … Continue reading

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