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When Life Forces a Reset

There are times when I cannot decide if I should say what is on my mind or not.  Then there are times when it is decided for me. The next movie coming to my theater is Creed III.  I appreciate … Continue reading

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Why Can’t We Be Friend(-ly Rival)s?

I have heard a bit too much about war these days. Too much conflict. Too much death. I would argue that it does not have to be this way. Competition is good. Healthy, too. If you like The Bible, you … Continue reading

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Another comic book movie, another possible controversy. Barbara Gordon has been the Batgirl of comics for quite some time.  (When she was not busy being Oracle.  That is a whole other story.  She is established in DC Comics.  We can … Continue reading

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Easier Said than Done

“Man cannot tell the whole truth about himself, even if convinced that what he wrote would never be seen by others.” That quote, and all the formatted quotes here, is from Mark Twain’s autobiography (volume one).  Twain knew how hard … Continue reading

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