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If I Were a Rapper

If I were a rapper, the odds of which are naught, I’d make it clear that my verse was not store-bought. Calling others, “the best,” would be a load of rot, Especially when they saw just what I had got. … Continue reading

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Coming to a Close

When asked how I am doing these days, I tend to respond that I am, “better than most”.  Covid has not knocked on my door with the heavy hand that it uses with others.  My bills have all been paid.  … Continue reading

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Trying Out: Comic Convention (Week 44)

Trying Out: Jet City Comic Show (Week Forty-Four) As has been stated many, many, many, many times, I have worked in a comic shop for quite a spell.  I have spent a few dollars here or there, read tens of … Continue reading

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Spoiler Sport (The Flash, Captain America- Civil War, Captain America #1)

I will admit to being a little behind on my Monday nerd-fixes.  Part of it is that I like to wait for people to have a shot at actually watching things.  (Yeah, I want to discuss the death of Han … Continue reading

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Superman vs Batman vs Nerd

Okay, you have had over ten days.  ECCC is over.  If you have not seen Superman v Batman- Dawn of Justice, you are clearly in no big hurry.  If you were an uber-nerd who cared about spoilers then you would … Continue reading

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Why You Should Never Let a Nerd Play in a Comic Shop with a Camera and Dinosaurs but no Responsible Supervision

This gallery contains 15 photos.

Look, it isn’t my fault.  I blame Serenity. Nevertheless, this is what happened when I went to work my comic shop shift and decided to have a little fun.  Enjoy, darnit.

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