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Trying Out:  New Adventures, Old Markers

I have been in this city for a fair number of decades, but I do not claim to have seen all the sights.  I had a few hours between work and visiting with a friend, so I set out to … Continue reading

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Painting a Picture

If Albert Bierstadt were still alive, he would have plenty more to paint. Since I cannot paint, and he has been dead over a century, I can only make suggestions. See? Plenty of opportunities to revisit or add to his … Continue reading

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A Bird’s Eye View

Now that we have talked about how I spent my birthday, let us chat about how I wanted to spend it. I desired an escape.  I craved outdoor time.  I yearned to get away from it all.  What I really … Continue reading

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No Thanks

When I was a kid the family sat down at the dinner table.  Dad would either take on the responsibility himself, or he would ask one of us to pray.  Visits with Dad’s parents were more extreme.  When your grandfather … Continue reading

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No Goose-Stepping Around It

I found a new side of myself this week.  Fair warning:  it is not a part of me that I like.  If you have an interest in seeing me as a good person, this might be an entry you should … Continue reading

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Seeing the Forest through the Cities

I am a native North-Westerner.  I was born in Oregon, raised in Washington.  Rain, mountains, lakes; these are things I know and crave.  I like living in a state that is not only known for its technology, but also for … Continue reading

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