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The Truth Could Cost You

I have some moral tenets that I stick to.  I do my best not to lie.  I will talk around the truth.  I will hold information back.  But I think lying causes more trouble than honesty.  (Unless you are my … Continue reading

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Get Rich Now!

I have been thinking about money lately.  A lot.  I know, I know. “Join the club!  It is called ‘everybody!’”  Sigh.  I do not know how much Social Security will be around by the time I get there.  And I … Continue reading

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A Fund Farewell

Oh, so that’s it? All that time and we’re done, huh? I mean, I get it. I didn’t think I had much of a shot with you back in the summer of 2020. But hey, a guy can dream. It … Continue reading

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When Enough is Enough

Like most people, I have been a little stressed about my finances lately.  My frustration comes from personal finances, not the Britain exit. Around this time of year, my landlord informs me that my rent is going to increase.  Now, … Continue reading

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Mine or Thine?

Being single is very convenient sometimes. I have my remote control, I pick the groceries, and I know when the car is being used (and returned without filling the tank). However, it can also make one remarkably self-centered. Yesterday morning … Continue reading

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