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When an 8 Is Really a 10.

This. This is my kind of humor. The tucked-in face. The constant checking-the-perimeter. The little touches here and there. Then, when the tables are turned? The power-exchange? Aaaahh. Delightful. Here is proof that I am not too old for Sesame … Continue reading

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The Most Terrible Vet Visit You Will Ever Be Told

Howdy, Brace yourself. This will be bad. Not end of the world bad, but you are about to get mad at me for sharing this. Okay, we have talked cats before and we shall talk cats again. Today is one … Continue reading

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Can We Talk Movies? Nope?

Showing any new movies? “Nope.” Wait, are you still showing Thor? Nope. Well, do you have a blockbuster flick? “Nope.” Why not? Why not what? Why not show something new?  We are! Well, tell me what it is. “Nope.” Is … Continue reading

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Delivering the Goods

Just like everyone, I have a temper.  I get upset, I don’t understand how others could err so egregiously, and I feel my jaw clench.  Happily, my anger only comes out once in a while.  On any typical day, I … Continue reading

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Serving with Extra Spice

“When life gets a little too crazy; when the special orders come fast and furious, how do you keep from losing your mind?” Why, I am glad you asked. Allow me to present: Ways of Surviving Life in Food Service … Continue reading

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