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Broken Arrows Snapped All Over the Screen

I blame nostalgia. Nostalgia, and YouTube. I was watching the trailer for Speed. That movie still holds up. So it came as no surprise when YouTube suggested that I also watch the trailer for Broken Arrow. I had not seen … Continue reading

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The Thrice-Told Tale of “You’ve Got Mail”

I am always on the search for musicals.  I keep hoping that I will discover another production that I enjoy as much as Singin’ in the Rain or The Music Man.  Naturally, when I heard the words “Judy Garland” and … Continue reading

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Pivotal Points and Momentous Moments

Many events in history have a tipping point.  One little change to the forces at work and everything is different.  World War I was started by the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.  The United States quickly joined World War II after … Continue reading

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We Can Remake Them. Stronger, Faster, and Newer!

“If it made money the first time, maybe it will make more the second time.” That seems to be the prevailing thought in the movie business, which is why a plethora of remakes and sequels are on the way. Live … Continue reading

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