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Stop Me When You’ve Heard This One…

I really thought I was done talking about movie trailers today. I dedicated two whole installments. Then I watched this. There is giving too much information. There is over-sharing. And then there is giving away the entire movie. Sigh. I … Continue reading

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Heroes for Hire

Veteran’s Day, comic book movies; there have been plenty of occasions to talk about heroes lately.  As a nerd, I can list off a long list of superheroes.  I will always be more of a Captain America guy than an … Continue reading

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Spoiler Sport (The Flash, Captain America- Civil War, Captain America #1)

I will admit to being a little behind on my Monday nerd-fixes.  Part of it is that I like to wait for people to have a shot at actually watching things.  (Yeah, I want to discuss the death of Han … Continue reading

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