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Good Samaritan, but Not Great

The story of Seattle has more than a few tragic characters.  There appears to be a great overlap in the people that are homeless and the people that suffer from fentanyl addiction.  It seems too heartbreaking that those without homes … Continue reading

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More Homeless

I am tired of homeless people.  I am also tired of war, cancer, and forest wildfires.  With there being many things that I cannot fix, homelessness is at the forefront of my mind. Not too far away from me is … Continue reading

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The State of Our City

Seattle has been a little different recently.  Most would say that there is something off.  You could call it the economy.  You might say it is the state of our public health.  Folks around here, and in pretty much every … Continue reading

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Friendly Advice

I am a fan of helping people.  For one thing, I feel that the notion of, “I did it all on my own” tends to be a fallacy.  Somebody was nice enough to hire you for that first job which … Continue reading

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