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Check Yourself (Out)

I feel that I do not get enough credit when grocery shopping. That? That my friends is a weight-sensitive surface. And, balanced rather skillfully on said surface? I am glad that you asked. It is a sickness I have. In … Continue reading

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When an 8 Is Really a 10.

This. This is my kind of humor. The tucked-in face. The constant checking-the-perimeter. The little touches here and there. Then, when the tables are turned? The power-exchange? Aaaahh. Delightful. Here is proof that I am not too old for Sesame … Continue reading

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Why Can’t We Be Friend(-ly Rival)s?

I have heard a bit too much about war these days. Too much conflict. Too much death. I would argue that it does not have to be this way. Competition is good. Healthy, too. If you like The Bible, you … Continue reading

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Great Pun-ishment

I once wrote about the puns that my favorite delivery driver and I engaged in.  Then I told you of a veterinary visit. Now, since absolutely nobody asked for more, I decided to get ahead of the crowd.  I’m a … Continue reading

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Still A Sure Thing

I would not call myself actor. I will give a speech. I will get people’s attention. But I like backstage, lower-profile just fine. But “Sure Thing” is my favorite one-act play. Ives crafted a classic. I made the effort a … Continue reading

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A Bird’s Eye View

Now that we have talked about how I spent my birthday, let us chat about how I wanted to spend it. I desired an escape.  I craved outdoor time.  I yearned to get away from it all.  What I really … Continue reading

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The Comedy of the Conqueror Can-Do Corporation

Sometimes I am content to simply write. And sometimes, in rare moments, I want to perform things. I’ve read about more than a few goofy dictators and deranged super-villains. Time to have fun at their expense.

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Keep Yer Pants On

Yesterday was all serious, contemplative, and deep.  Today?  None of that. ———- “Hey, those pants are supposed to be at my place!” “I know those pants.  I know them very well.” “Don’t you love the way those pants are snug … Continue reading

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Feeling Campy

I have been thinking about campfires lately.  Maybe it is because summer is calling and we all want to be outside.  Or it could be that I have been watching, “A Week Away”, on Netflix too much.  Whatever the reason, … Continue reading

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When They Get You

The argument has been made that we all feel like outcasts sometimes.  I am quite used to people not “getting” me.  I am the quiet guy surrounded by music lovers.  The old soul who works with twenty-somethings.  The comic book … Continue reading

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