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When the Mean Streets Intersect with the Humane Avenues

In the sixth grade, I was nominated for a humanitarian award.  I was twelve at the time, so I could not have told you why, let alone what the dictionary’s definition of humanitarian was.  I was nominated for something.  Why … Continue reading

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Transitional Turmoil

And we’re back.  There have been a few changes.  I took time away from the internet.  I finished up a project.  (More on that next month.)  And my commute changed.  Once upon a time, getting to work was simple.  I … Continue reading

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Getting Us in the Bus

I am unwavering in my support of buses.  I cling to my bus pass.  I feel that I should only be scheduled to work when the buses are running.  If a job that sounds interesting is not within three miles … Continue reading

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For Want of a Tire, the Bus Was Lost

Today I am going to try to simplify.  A short story will be told and you can make your own conclusions for judgements. Saturday morning I went to take the bus.  Well, ran because the bus was adhering more to … Continue reading

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My Life as a Champion Lightweight

Yesterday I had two options. I could enjoy the fact that my cat was curled up happily on my lap purring. Or, the fun choice, I could ponder my car repair bill, my medical bill, and my dental bill. All … Continue reading

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